I have been with this doctor for 20 years

He has supported and cared for all of my ‘kids’ as well as the ones I happened on. In my experiences, having lived in Geneva and London with my four-legged children, I have had to work with many vets and many animal experts, I can say, without hesitation that Dr. Staris is who I would choose to go to. As my mom says, he gives people a good name! He is the first to go above and beyond for the safest, healthiest and most successful option for his patients.

He attends international seminars annually in order to be exposed to new ideas, better techniques, the best instruments, touch base with experts in their fields and to do what he can to add ‘humane’ to his practice. I remember when he set up a laboratory to test animal results because sending them abroad took too long and this hindered his patients’ chances. I also know that when I took my twin Labrador boys for their operation, because of his progressive techniques, George and Homer were causing as much trouble by the evening as they did in the morning when I took them to the clinic.

I can write and write, but most importantly, Dr. Staris listens! I have a lot to say because I am my kids’ voice. I wouldn’t go to a health specialist that would not take my observations, concerns and questions as seriously as I do. BOTTOM LINE : He loves what he does and he takes pride in what he does

Eliana Firilla

Meli feels secure at your clinic...

My dog was born with a defect of her right back leg (it is shorter that the rest). Always under the guidance of our doctor, we have taken care of her weight, diet and lifestyle in general in order to keep her safe and living the best she can. Meli is 8 years old today and the truth is she never had any problems even though her foot was always a bit atrophic.

Vickyana Christou

All my worries disappeared...

I still remember the day that my loving dog, Loulou, needed to be spayed. My feelings were mixed. On one hand the Doctor had explained to me the reasons why it was better for my animal to get spayed, as I didn’t want it to use for reproduction. On the other hand, I was really worried about my animal having an operation and I was emotionally distressed thinking that Loulou will not be able to experience motherhood.

Tatiana Brenyuk

Wonderful, friendly and very pleasant staff...

Words can’t express the gratitude that I have for the entire Staris Vet Clinic staff. They are extremely helpful, kind, sensitive and caring to all my animal friends’ needs at all times. They have always been very quick to attend to their health problems and have on several occasions fitted me into an appointment.


I would very much recommend this clinic...

My dog, my beloved Floyd, began to have severe pain and lameness in her left hind leg. Dr. Staris’ diagnosis was a patellar (knee cup) luxation and had to be operated on. At first I was worried as I did not know whether she be able to walk and run again normally.

Elena Halkousi​

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