Dog and cat surgery

At Staris Veterinary Clinic

The clinic offers:

    • a fully equipped operating room, with a monitor for the observation of vital signs, diathermy, suction, specialized surgical instruments
    • an anesthetic machine that supplies anesthetic gas to the patient
    • hospitalization services (when hospitalization is needed after surgery)
    • a very experienced vet, with postgraduate studies on dog and cat surgery (Dr. Constantinos Staris)

We are here for

Your pet's surgery

All types of surgery are offered at Staris Veterinary Clinic for your dog or cat:

Our routine surgeries

Common surgeries performed

Sterilization and castration surgery prevent pregnancy. But also they protect your pet against diseases that can endanger its life, such as pyometra, mammary cancer or prostate benign hyperplasia.

When your pet is involved in a fight or accident, it may be necessary to provide surgical care of open wounds using special skin flaps while also assessing for fractured bones.

In every case you detect any suspicious mass on the skin, breast or anywhere else on your pet, we perform a thorough examination.  A biopsy also may be needed to determine whether cancer is present and we need to  surgically remove it.

We often have to remove foreign objects from your pets’ stomach or intestines after they have swallowed them. Also, we could remove foreign bodies from your pets’ ear, spear grass from in between the fingers and other unwelcome objects.

During routine dental exam or cleaning, we can discover the presence of infected or damaged teeth. These can cause pain and discomfort to your pet and need extraction. Also, we can perform surgeries to repair broken jaws or to remove oral tumors.

Healthy and happy patients

Why might your dog or cat need surgery

For every health problem of your dog and cat, we try to find the best treatment to administer the proper medication. However, surgery may be the only solution for the safe and effective treatment of your pets in these cases:

  • When your pet has an emergency; for example, when your animal has been injured by a motor vehicle or has been wounded after a fight with another pet.
  • If your pet develops tumors or other masses that should be removed.
  • In other certain health conditions.

In case your pet needs a surgery

Ask for our advice

If in any case your pet needs a surgery, contact us for further advice. We will:

  • Give you important pre-surgical instructions on how to prepare your pet at home for the surgery
  • Address any concerns you have about anesthesia and the surgery itself
  • Discuss with you if your pet needs some other minor procedures. These could be performed while your pet is under anesthesia, such as dentistry or ear cleaning.

About us

Staris Veterinary Clinic is an animal veterinary clinic in Agios Dometios, Nicosia. The clinic combines highly scientific knowledge, modern and high technology equipment and great love and commitment for animals.

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