Pet emergencies

Emergencies in dogs and cats

It is very difficult to see your dog or cat suffering. This situation can become extremely stressful. Especially if at the same time you fear that your pet experiences a life-threatening health problem and needs emergency treatment.

If you are in doubt, always contact us for further advice. Because we care about our patients, we provide our own after hours service.

The after-hours service runs anytime after the clinic’s working hours. In case the vet decides that your animal needs emergency treatment, it will be arranged to bring your pet as soon as possible to the clinic for examination.

We offer to your pets

Emergency services

Special equipment is present for cases that show serious health issues and intensive care is deemed necessary.

Staris Veterinary Clinic

Emergency telephone number

To arrange an examination outside normal working hours please telephone 22274264 and then press 3. You will be directly connected to Dr. Staris mobile phone.

Consultations with the vet outside normal working hours are more expensive than daytime examinations but we are happy to provide free advice on the phone to guide you as to whether or not your dog or cat requires an emergency examination.

Whenever needed

Our emergency procedure

  • clinical examination
  • initial diagnosis
  • stabilize your pet’s condition (administer IV serum, oxygen, etc)
  • perform all appropriate tests needed (take x-rays, get blood samples for tests, etc.)
  • when your animal’s condition is stable, we will transfer your pet to the intensive care unit of the clinic
  • have the final diagnosis of the cause of the problem
  • keep your dog or cat for hospitalization and further tests, if needed

About us

Staris Veterinary Clinic is an animal veterinary clinic in Agios Dometios, Nicosia. The clinic combines highly scientific knowledge, modern and high technology equipment and great love and commitment for animals.

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Emergency Cases

27 Prigkipos Karolou st, 2373, Agios Dometios, Nicosia 

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