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A cat or dog’s diet plays a very important role in sustaining its health. The right diet can prevent various diseases and health issues.

An animal’s diet plays a very important role in sustaining its health. The right diet must be balanced and must cover all its needs. We must take care in administering the correct food, depending on age, breed and general condition (pregnancy, nursing). Apart for maintaining good health, a correct diet can help maintain good dental, joint and fur conditions.

Specialized diets

For pets that have health problems

There are also medicinal diets for animals that suffer from various health issues (diarrhea, allergies, heart, liver and kidney conditions). With the help of these specialized foods, we can reduce the need for the administration of medicine and enhance the body’s function.

Different pet categories

Have different diet needs

Puppies & kittens
Every growing body needs a well-balanced diet to grow properly. For all puppies and kittens it is necessary for proper development of the whole body of the animal. Especially for large breed dog puppies a balanced diet is essential for a complete and mainly proper development of the skeleton, muscles and tendons.
Sterilized animals
After sterilization animals tend to gain weight. Increased weight places a significant burden on the joints and heart. The best way to avoid these problems is by keeping the animal at its ideal weight. This is achieved in two ways: proper nutrition (special food for sterilized animals) and exercise of the animal.
Senior pets
A balanced diet helps maintain good health and increases the life expectancy of your adult animals. Senior pets must avoid ingredients that may be detrimental to their health, must reduce the amount of salt to avoid hypertension and heart disease and must increase the consumption of ingredients that may prevent disease or problems (eg. degeneration of articular cartilage)
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Why is balanced diet

So important for your pets

At Staris Veterinary Clinic we stress the importance of feeding your animals with high-quality pet food. A balanced diet can help your pets for the following:

  • excellent physical condition
  • energy and appetite for play
  • shiny and strong hair
  • healthy denture
  • and most importantly, proper functioning of its vital organs

Having difficulties to find a proper diet for your pet?

We can help you tailor it for your pet

Every pet has different nutrition needs. At Staris Veterinary Clinic we can help you determine the best diet for your pet’s needs.

Do not hesitate to ask a consultation on your pet’s proper nutrition.

For our loyal clients, we have included pet food purchases in our Clinic’s Loyalty Program.

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